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hydraulic wire winder
This unit can be used in many applications. We see it most commonly used on skid steers, loader buckets, or bale mover pickups. You can mount it anywhere you have hydraulics.

  Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 1/4" Mounting Plate
  1/2" Mounting Holes in Corners for Mounting
  Unit Comes Complete with spool, hoses, valve, shaft, lovejoy couplers and motor (as shown)
  This unit functions exactly the same as our 3-point model, the only difference is the mount shown.

hydraulic wire winder   hydraulic wire winder
This is the complete universal wire winder
you will recieve unless you just
need the framework only.
All components from 3 point mount
will interchange with this unit.

Part Number



$799.00 delivered

Universal 3-Point System

With this new package it is posible to use your new winder as a 3-point on the tractor
or you can unbolt the motor arm from that mount and bolt it to your universal plate
to be mounted in a multiple of ways.

The Universal has become very popular and this system gives you more options when using your
new Pro-Tatch Wire Winder. With this package you will recieve everything shown in the above picture
which includes the 3-point mount along with the universal mount and
all the hardware including the yellow split reel.
click here to learn more about the high tensile system

Here is the Universal and the 3-Point mounts being shown placing the motor arm into each mount.
This system is what makes it possible to use your winder for
either a tractor mount or a universal plate mount.

Part Number



$1449.00 delivered in 48 states
(delivery outside US additional cost)

Universal Hydraulic Winder - Mount Only

hydraulic wire winder
Mount for Universal Winder may be purchased separately.
This is an option for the owner of a Protatch Hydraulic
Wire Winder who needs to mount it to a different
application other than a tractor. All componants
from the 3-point Hydraulic Winder will bolt to
this mount and function in the same way.

Part Number



$295.00 delivered


click here to learn more about the high tensile system

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Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.


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Solid Reels

solid spools
  solid spool
With its 8” center you will not roll the high tensile wire as tight in a small coil when rolling. Capacity is 1 mile of wire. The 4” center standard reel measures 20” in diameter and is designed to be used on any type of wire. It will comfortably hold 1 mile of smooth or 1/2 mile of barbed wire. The 4” mini solid reel is 12” in diameter and is designed to hold smooth or barbed wire. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. All 3 designs are all steel construction and manufactured to last for many years of use. All 3 solid reels shown are UPS shippable.
solid spool

This is our all new 12” mini reel with 4” center tube. This reel measures 12” x 12” with 4” center. It is designed to be used on all Pro-Tatch wire winders just like our other solid reels. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. It can also be used to roll barbed wire as well. Very easy to handle and store. All steel construction to last for years of use. UPS shippable.


Part Number


(4" Mini) NS-1752
$55.00 + shipping

(4" reel) NS-1754

$77.00 + shipping

(8" reel) NS-1758
$82.00 + shipping

All of our winders (excluding the gas power and high tensile) ship for free, we do not ship wire winder accessories for free. Please contact us to determine shipping charges on
any accessories that may include such items as solid reels, wire guides or any
extra parts and accessories you may want to order, call 1-877-407-8645.


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