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Pro-Tatch Honda Gas Powered Winder!!!

This unit offers the manual level wind.
Comes complete with safety shields as
shown. This unit can be set in the back of the pickup or flatbed as well as run on the ground.

Tie off steel ring loops welded on each end to secure it as you are rolling wire. Comes with reliable 5.5 hp. Honda pull start gas engine. Motor carries a 3 year warranty through Honda.

The handle on the manual guide can be moved from right to left, depending on what side you are working the machine from. All steel costruction to last for many years. As always we stand behind our products 100%.


Call to order 1-877-407-8645!

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Gas Powered
Winder specs,
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Winder specs,
& information!
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This reel is designed for 4 tie wires to assure no spreading of the wire when taken off the cone.
Place these wires on the reel prior to start up. Our products are proven rugged. Long life,
replaceable bushings prevent wear to steel parts. These yellow cone reels are hand spun
from drawing quality steel to assure a lifetime of use. 100% steel construction

Solid Reels

solid spools
  solid spool
With its 8” center you will not roll the high tensile wire as tight in a small coil when rolling. Capacity is 1 mile of wire. The 4” center standard reel measures 20” in diameter and is designed to be used on any type of wire. It will comfortably hold 1 mile of smooth or 1/2 mile of barbed wire. The 4” mini solid reel is 12” in diameter and is designed to hold smooth or barbed wire. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. All 3 designs are all steel construction and manufactured to last for many years of use. All 3 solid reels shown are UPS shippable.
solid spool

This is our all new 12” mini reel with 4” center tube. This reel measures 12” x 12” with 4” center. It is designed to be used on all Pro-Tatch wire winders just like our other solid reels. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. It can also be used to roll barbed wire as well. Very easy to handle and store. All steel construction to last for years of use. UPS shippable.

Part Number


(4" Mini) NS-1752
$55.00 + shipping

(4" reel) NS-1754

$77.00 + shipping

(8" reel) NS-1758
$82.00 + shipping

We do not ship our Gas Powered Wire Winder, tools or winder
accessories for free. Please contact us to determine shipping charges
on any accessories that may include such items as solid reels, wire guides
or any extra parts and accessories you may want to order, call 1-877-407-8645.


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