This is Hotwood's new and exiting High Tensile Wire reel we have designed to be used with high tensile wire. This reel has been asked for for years, and here it is. This high tensile kit can be adapted to any of our 3 point wire winders. You do not need to have a wire guide as shown in these pictures to make it work.

If you currently have one of our earlier wire winders that the motor mount arm is welded solid to the tool bar, this type of wire guide will not work for you with the new high tensile reel. It is a clearance issue. However, you can order the red reel alone to use on that winder and it will perform perfectly for you as your yellow split reel has for years. When ordering the high tensile reel in kit form with the wire guide you will receive: one red split reel as shown. One extended wire guide as shown with mounting hardware to tool bar. One 3 1/2” motor mount arm extender with bolts as shown. This kit is very easy to install. Once it is installed you do not need to ever take the 3 1/2” motor mount arm extender off the unit. Your winder will perform perfectly with it in place with any reel you put on it.

Features on the reel: Reel splits to load and unload rolls of wire. Reel is designed to unroll new rolls of high tensile wire that you would purchase in a store. Reel has 4 tie wire locaters on each side of the reel just like the yellow split reel to place your tie wires in pryer to rolling wire. (as shown in photo)

Reel is tapered from 19” to 18 1/4” to make sliding wire on and off the reel a snap. Reel fits on standard 1” shaft that has been used on our wire winders for over 28 years. Reel has a wire tie off starting point as shown in pictures. It is spun from solid steel to assure the highest quality we can manufacture and give you years of trouble free use. The wire guide is manufactured from solid steel with pipe rollers to make pulling that wire in and guiding it with the handle a very easy and safe function.

Overall outside dimension of the reel is 25”. Reel weighs 51 pounds. The spacing is 4 3/4” wide. Like all our products the unit is painted with premium powder coat paint to assure the finest finish we can provide. You will see in the pictures how the reel is split to load and unload wire.

Hotwoods High Tensile Reel is for ideal anyone who has
vineyards or does any kind of trellis wiring for gardening.



Change your existing cat 1-2-3 standard wire winder to a high tensile wire winder. (includes reel, wire guide & 3.5" motor mount arm extender)

CATEGORY 1-2-3 Wire Winder w/High Tensile Reel
(wire guide additional)

UNIVERSAL Wire Winder w/High Tensile Reel
(wire guide additional)

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Universal High Tensile Winder shown as standard unit with no wire guide.
Universal High Tensile Winder shown
with optional Wire Guide.

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Hotwoods High Tensile Reel
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