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Pure Power. Pure OPTIMA

At last-the clean, reliable, high-power output and deep cycle characteristics that have made OPTIMA® batteries famous are now available for marine applications. The OPTIMA® marine batteries use the same unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY that outperforms and outlasts conventional flat plate batteries. The OPTIMA® design uses high purity lead plates wound with a glass mat that absorbs electrolyte like a sponge. The OPTIMA® patented SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY provides extremely high power, very low internal resistance and other features that translate into the following benefits:

  • Constant Performance Quality
    As the OPTIMA® battery discharges during normal deep cycling use, the power level remains consistent providing more usable power to run the accessories and creature comforts found in today's commercial and recreational vehicles.

  • Maximum Life, Greater Savings
    OPTIMA® Marine Deep Cycle batteries will last up to 2 times longer than conventional batteries in many applications.

  • Nonspillable and Maintenance Free
    Because of the unique design you can mount it in almost any orientation and you'll never have to add water or check fluid levels, making the OPTIMA® battery maintenance-free. The OPTIMA® battery is also classified as "NONSPILLABLE" - making the battery safer for people, equiptment, and the environment.

  • Unequalled Vibration Resistance
    Vibration is a primary killer of marine batteries. The OPTIMA® sealed design and tightly wound SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® resists jarring and vibration, and eliminates plate shedding. The OPTIMA® battery is over 15 times more resistant to vibration than traditional flooded batteries. So your OPTIMA® battery will be able to take the brutal pounding of the rough seas while supplying you with the power you need to get through the storm.

  • Low Self Discharge Rate
    Because OPTIMA® battery uses a unique lead grid design and high purity materials, it has a self discharge rate much lower than conventional batteries. A helpful feature for those boats that are put away for those long, winter months.

  • Compatible with Most Charging Systems
    Unlike gel cells, OPTIMA® batteries do not require special charging equipment. The fast recharge cycle will get you back on the water while others are still waiting at the dock.
    PN HDD34M   $199.99. (UPS Shippable)

  • Battery Chargers
    Portable 10 Amp battery charger
    PN HDBC10  $74.95

  • All Weather Plastic Battery Box
    PN HDBB10 $9.99


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Battery Charger

Float Charge

Rapid Recharge
  Maximum Voltage
  Maximum Current

13.8 to 15.0 volts

 Constant Voltage 13.8 to 15.0 volts, 10 amps maximum, 8-10 hours approximate

13.2 to 13.8 volts, 1 amp maximum current

Constant voltage charger
15.6 volts
No current limit as long as temperature remains below 125 degrees F
Charge until current drops below 1 amp.


Approximate time to 90% charge

100 amps

35 minutes

50 amps

75 minutes

25 amps

140 minutes


Full Warranty

Free Replacement

36 Month

18 Month


Performance Specifications  


Marine Cranking Amps, 32°F 870
Cold Cranking Amps, 0° F 750
Reserve Capacity - Minutes 120
Capacity (C/20 rate) - Amp Hours 55
Internal Resistance - Ohms .0028
Physical Specifications  
Length (inches) 10"
Width (inches) 6 7/8"
Height (inches) 7 15/16"
Weight (lbs) 43.5
Type Post/Terminal Dual, SAE & 5/16" Stainless Stud
BCI Group 34




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