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Hotwoods Aluminum Floating Dock Systems

Hotwoods Dock & Walkway installation video

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Floating Dock Systems For More Information.

  Shown with Canopy Accessory which
can be ordered separately.

Click here for our 6' x 12' Dock System
Ask about our custom-built dock walkways.
We can custom build walkways to your specific needs.
We make custom walkways for customers who need to replace
an existing walkway or to be used in a new setup.
Walkways can be adapted to any dock system new or old.
This unit is 6' wide by 24' long. All aluminum.
This unit is 3' x 16' all aluminum walkway design for one
of our customers. request. Standard lengths are
8’, 12’, and 16’. Custom lengths can be made
as well as custom attachments to dock and shorelines.
This is the second dock we have installed at Lake Wanahoo
for the Lower Platte NRD in Wahoo, NE.
The all aluminum design means no maintenance
and many years of use.
This was a one time project that will be enjoyed by thousands of people for many years.
The dock is 20' x 30 with a 10' x 20' walkway.
This is one of the 2 dock systems we designed and installed
for the State Of Nebraska in June 2011. This is in Wahoo, NE.
Here Kevin Houtwed Rivots the spec tag on one of the docks Hotwoods
installed for the State of Nebraska at the new lake in Wahoo, NE.


Another boat lift sold & installed by Hotwoods on Ponderosa Lake in Grand Island, Ne.
This is the ultimate way to take care of
the investment you have in your boat.
This is a Shoremaster Concrete dock
installed recently by Hotwoods. Customize your Shoremaster dock so that it's perfect for entertaining, fishing, boating and relaxing.


Hotwoods Customer Spotlight


Scott and Deb Bonham from Hastings, Ne. had Hotwoods design and install their
new dock at Lake Hastings. This is the design we set up beside their existing boat lift.
It's a free standing unit, that means no floats. We love it, and they do too.
Welcome aboard from everyone at Hotwood’s in Grand Island!!

Tom and Mary Ann Backus from Lake of the Wood's in Saint Paul, Ne. wanted to go right off their back patio to the lake. That is what Hotwood's did for them as shown in these photo's. Welcome aboard to the Backus family from Hotwood's.

We're a Connect-a-Dock Dealer
Custom modular floating docks that can be custom
built for your specific needs.

Click here to learn more.
A lifetime of waterfront adventures await with the
family-friendly Connect-A-Dock floating dock system.

Modular design and rugged construction allow a simple,
quick and reliable way to build boat docks, rowing docks,
fishing docks, swimming platforms and anything else you
can imagine for your home.
This residential lake pump station dock is near Grand Island, NE.
This dock will give maintenance crews better access to the lake pump, and a finished appearance for lake residents.
Here is a dock and walkway we provided for the Lilienthals at Sherman Lake in central, NE. The customer poured concrete
columns and steps were attached before the water came up. The walkway is then custom designed to raise and lower with the
dock on the water. This is just one of the ways we can
accommodate the customer's needs.
Our aluminum floating docks are built to last!
Keep water open for duck hunting!
Why we choose aluminum over wood docks...
As shown above, wood docks not only mean slivers from the wood, but the obvious sagging boards that could possibly give way when a person is entering or exiting the dock. In today's world the average home owner cannot afford this type of liability. We like to see the customer consider thier dock as an investment just like thier home. Adding an aluminum dock adds to the value
of your property. Hotwood's aluminum dock systems is an
investment that will last a lifetime!
This is one finished all aluminum pier for Wanahoo State Lake just outside Wahoo, NE. This structure is 20' x 30' with a 10' x 20' walkway.
816 Dock with 16' walkway, swim ladder and 15' Fish N Sport pontton boat.
This is the perfect setup for the lake front home owner.

Hotwoods Earth Anchor
Conveniently anchor your boat to your dock or anywhere else you need an anchor.
Click for more information.

Here is the frame work on our dock systems.
As you can see we enclose our poly floats with aluminum, even aluminum planking on top. This
will assure many years of maintenence free usage.
Here is one of our builders inspecting a new
816 dock before it leaves the plant.
The dock loops allow you to set posts in when installing
your new dock. There are two on the dock deck and two
on the walkway for most normal situations.
Dock Accessories
Aluminum Dock Dog Ramp
Newly designed dock dog ramp. It will mount with metal screws to the top
of your dock and will be partialy submerged in the water for your precious
pets to crawl up and out of the water and onto the deck. Comes completely
covered with slip guard on the top side to help against slipping.

Part Number



Call for best price


Aluminum Dock Swim Ladder

Designed to work with our dock systems. Could very easily be adapted for use on other types
of docks not manufactured by us.

Part Number



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Click here for Pontoon Boat Accessories,
to find quality Hotwood products
like our new heavy duty
Mariner Chair (below).
Click for more information.

Customer Dean Rubin in Grand Island, NE. pulling
his new 816 dock accross the lake to get into
position behind his home.
Rick Williams and Kenny Aerni work dilligently to get the
dock in place and to the customers satisfaction.

Dean Rubin's 816 dock system, completely installed and now being used at Ponderosa Lake in Grand Island, NE

We make replacement walkways for any dock. Standard lengths are 8' / 12' / 16'.
Customs lengths can be made as well as custom attachments to docks and shoreline.

Call with sizes or any questions and we will provide a quote.
These walkways are all aluminum with handrails included.
Rich Heinrich from Hastings, NE has been added to our satisfied customer list.
He purchased the Fish N Sport 510 along with the 816 dock system with a 16' walkway. Rich Lives on
Hastings Lakejust on the edge of town. The system we installed for Rich is what we consider the ultimate setup.


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