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816 Model Modular Floating Dock System

The units shown come preassembled and can be on the water with
the walk way plank system attached to it in less than 1 hour!


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  • Dock System Platform Measures 8' x 16'
  • 3' Wide Walkway, 8', 12', or 16' Walkway Length
  • All Aluminum Unit
  • Super Stable Poly Floats with 7,560 lbs. of buoyancy
    (foam filled polyethylene floats feature a 12 year warranty)

Click on above CAD drawing to see a customer requested
customized 816 dock with 48' walkway.

Remember, this is all aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

When we say LIFETIME, we mean it!

816 dock with 16' walkway on Lake Hastings
in Hastings, NE.

Does your wooden dock look
old like this?

It's time to replace your dock with a
quality floating dock system from Hotwoods.

Above: Optional dock tie-off we manufacture by request.

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We will be offering many options for this
unit such as the ladder, bench seat, and
canopy as shown on this unit.

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The 816 Modular Dock System is easy to assemble and deploy. It is also easy to remove for winter storage. Simply remove the stabilizing posts and bring your dock in for the winter as shown in the picture above.


The dock serves as a great anchor point
for jet skis or boats.

You will not find a higher quality, more
attractive, easy to assemble dock system


We make replacement walkways for any dock. Standard lengths are 8' / 12' / 16'.
Customs lengths can be made as well as custom attachments to docks and shoreline.

Call with sizes or any questions and we will provide a quote. These walkways are all aluminum with handrails included.


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Here is a shot of a new 816 Dock System with a canapy and bench seat being inspected before leaving the plant.

Here is the 816 Dock with 16' walkway shown with optional canopy and bench seat.

(Scroll down below to see how this dock was installed.)

This cad drawing details the 816 dock with canapy framework and handrails in place.

Josh Martin from Central Nebraska has just been added to our
happy customer list with his new modular dock and walkway.
This set up is on Sherman Lake in Central Nebraska.

Our field installer, Kenny Aerni, is doing some finish up work by adjusting the new walkway.

Phil Van Bibber along with Kenny Aerni setting the poles on a new dock.

Dan Fintel with our new and very happy customer on Sherman Lake shortly after installation of his new dock and walkway.

All that is left is to cut the posts to the right length on this dock. This is a very popular setup. ( 816 dock with 20' walkway )


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Guaranteed Stability.
Remember "Our Business Is Your Stability"


Here is John Baker from Cape Girardeau, Missouri who recently
purchased a 816 Dock with a 16' walkway.

He personally used a teleboom forklift to unload the dock and set it in the water. This worked very well as you see in these pictures. Not all situations allow the customer to use this type of equiptment to install.


As you see the 816 dock was set up with a canapy and also a full width bench seat.

This is a finished all aluminum pier. This structure is 20' x 30'
with a 10' x 20' walkway.

As you see it is free standing and uses no floats. The I-beams extend 55' in the ground under the subframe of the platform.

This project is one of 2 of this type Hotwood's is supplying for the State of Nebraska on a new lake that
is being developed just north of Wahoo, NE. The lake is Lake Wanahoo.
The all aluminum deck is the answer to no maintenence.
If you have any type of dock in mind, please give us a chance to show you what we are capable of.


Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions Or To Order Your 816 Dock System.

Contractors and Developers who wish to order multiple units at volume discounts are welcome.

Pricing Chart



816 with 8' Walkway

Call for best price!

816 with 12' Walkway

Call for best price!

816 with 16' Walkway

Call for best price!



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