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612 Model Modular Floating Dock System

Shown above is our 6' x 12' dock system with 12 ft. walkway and bench seat. Canopy is a custom accessory that can be odered separately from Hotwoods.
Roger Anderson from Grand Island had two 612 models installed with 12 ft. walkways. He has two small fishing lakes on his property and wanted a boat and dock for each lake.

Replacement Walkways for Any Dock

We make replacement walkways for any dock. Standard lengths are 8' / 12' / 16'. Custom lengths can be made as well as custom attachements to docks & shoreline.
Call with size or any questions and we will provide a quote. These walkways are all aluminum with handrails included.
This is a lifelong system, unlike the wooden or plastic units that are on the market today. Remember, this is all aluminum with stainless steel hardware.
CAD drawing above details the dock with canopy framework and handrails in place. Click on the CAD drawing (right) to see a customer requested customized 612 dock with walkway.

Does your wooden dock look old like this?

When we say LIFETIME, we mean it.

It's time to replace your dock with a
quality floating dock system from Hotwoods.

- Dock System Platform Measures 6' x 12'
- 3' Wide Walkway, 8', 12', or 16' Walkway Length
- All Aluminum Unit
- Super Stable Poly Floats with 5,670 lbs of buoyancy
- Canopy is a custom accessory that can be ordered separately
It is best to assemble your dock on shore if possible and then with extra help, push it into the lake. You can pull it out of the lake for
the winter the same way.
Shown above with additional canopy and bench accessories which can be custom ordered for this dock.

The 612 Modular Dock System is
easy to assemble and deploy. It is also easy to remove for winter storage. Simply remove the stabilizing posts and bring your dock in for the winter as shown in the picture to the right.

Quality Hotwoods products
like our heave duty Mariner Chair seen below

Shown (above) with canopy accessory.
This can be ordered seperately.

Roger & Melody Anderson of Grand Island really enjoy their 15' Fish-N-Sport and 6' x 12' dock with 16' walkway. They like it so well that they purchased a set of them. One for each lake on their property.

You will not find a higher quality, more attractive, easy to assemble dock system for the CUSTOMER WHO DEMANDS THE BEST!

Your dock will need to be secured either in this method or by cables back to shore. Secure your dock with a contractor or do it yourself. We try to make the assembly as user freindly as possible. This 6' x 12' dock with 16' walkway took 2 hours to assemble and have on the water. Assembly time may vary.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today
with any questions or to order your 612 Dock System.

Contractors and Developers who wish to order multiple units
at volume discounts are welcome.


Pricing Chart



612 with 8' Walkway

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612 with 12' Walkway

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612 with 16' Walkway

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