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Unique Gift or Conversation Piece!

"Rust in Peace" Canvas Art

Bring Back the Past

.. gardening box

Individual prints sell in all sizes from 5" x 7" to 20" x 30".

For over 25 years taking pictures of rusty antique cars and putting them on canvas
has been a pasttime for Kevin (owner of ProTatch). He is always adding more pictures and is
now working on farm machinery to put on canvas much like these.

Prints like this single 1934 Ford sedan can be ordered individually.

We sell many single prints in all sizes from 5" x 7" to 20" x 30".
Call for pricing.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery when ordering your favorite print.

Above is an example of the farm equipment Kevin is collecting pictures of.

We literaly have hundreds of different photos and shown here are just a few,
so do not be afraid to ask about a certain make or model.

Roarin' 20's

Dirty 30's (1)

Dirty 30's (2)

Dirty 30's (3)

Dirty 30's (4)

Fabulous 40's (1)

Fabulous 40's (2)

Fabulous 30's (3)

Nifty 50's

He has sold individual prints and group prints like these all over the world
for around 12 years now.
They make conversation pieces in your home or office and
really bring out the memories for our elders.

If you have a favorite car you had in the past,
we can send you prints for framing.

At age 15, Kevin Houtwed took a rusty old 1969 SS Camaro and fixed it up to be the car he would drive through his high school years in Ruskin, Ne. This picture shows him to the right with Steve Drohman and his son. Steve helped Kevin Paint his car.

Here is a better finished picture of the 69 camaro.

We are always interested in your ideas for promotional use (i.e. wall paper, coffee mugs, t-shirts).
Do not be afraid to ask about any ideas you might have.

Kevin Houtwed's 1934 Ford he and his family enjoy
on the weekends.

Here is a picture of Dan Fintel and his 1970 Chevrolet pickup. Dan is our sales manager here at Hotwood's.

This is our daughter, Hope, going for her first ride on her
new John Deere. Mom and Dad are so proud.

1964 Chevrolet short box. We have used this
old rig for years as a parts runner for the
company. We enjoy it and keep it in top running
condition. 283 with factory automatic.

Send us your favorite car photos or any other interesting hobby pictures to: khoutwed@protatch.com

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 for pricing
of your favorite print.




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