1104 CLAUDE ROAD, P.O. BOX 1712, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803 - PHONE: 877-407-8645


"We are enjoying the pontoon that I bought from you. I enclosed a picture for you. My grand daughter loves it too. She is in the picture, but you can barely see her, she is driving it. Justh thought I would let you know. Also, the guy that delivered it was very nice."

Jerry Jones


 "I wanted to follow up on our recent purchase of a Fish-N-Sport 510 to let you know how satisfied we are with our new pontoon boat. Buying a boat on the internet requires a real step of faith but I must say you and your company exceeded our expectations in delivering a quality product and alleviating my anxiety. You adjusted your delivery dates to meet my schedule and Rick and Joy, the couple who brought the boat all the way to Texas, were a joy to work with. They were extremely personable as well as exceptionally competent in assembling and launching our new boat. I was able to take the boat out on the water immediately and verify that it performed exactly as promised. I was really impressed by the stability. Several people stopped by the dock during the assembly process and commented on the design and workmanship of the vessel -- which I heartily seconded. Thanks again for making and delivering such a fine boat." ~Henry - Houston, TX

"We really enjoy your product. We even play a little Michael Buble as we have dinner and watch the sun set. Thank you."
J. Zych

"First, we'd like to let you know how helpful Gene Stoklasa was in selecting options, handling prep/assembly of boat and trailer, and good advise in seating options. His sales demeanor is excellent and we do highly recommend him. In Hill City, the use of Jim's tools, space, efforts, and expertise were likewise much appreciated. Both Gene and Jim are real assets to your enterprise.

We simply couldn't decide on seating. Bench and pedestal seating was so permanent and both negated our desire to have an open clutter free deck. We'd finally decided on 4 pedestal seats. Then Gene introduced us to the concept of unattached chairs and your Hotwood folding marine chairs are pure luxury. We are so grateful for Gene's help in resolving our seating problem and keeping us from making a poor decision.

We spent 5 straight days fishing on 5 different Black Hills lakes with no fatigue what-so-ever. The chairs, boat, and rigging were ideal. The five days yielded 60 fish, mostly nice sized rainbow trout. The boat maneuvered and unloaded/loaded with easy. It was all Gene said it would be in the wind and waves - stable.

The number one goal was to have no clutter on the deck. We accomplished that by fully utilizing the metal diving and aft decks. The aft deck holds the deep charge battery and its charger for the bow mounted Minn Kota electric motor and the gas tank for our Nissan 6 hp stern motor.

The diving deck has the trolling motor mount off center just enough to easily accommodate winch hook attachment under/inside the trolling motor mount. Off setting the mount this little bit gave better space for the stainless steel ladder and an area for our 44 quart cooler which is attached with bungee's on the port side. Utilizing the ladder is easy with the cooler behind it by simply stepping over the cooler. Starboard to the motor mount, the diving deck is utilized for the tackle box when not in use on the deck. While towing to and from the lakes, both the cooler and tackle box remain on the diving deck.

Marine wire is run from the battery to the Minn Kota under the deck through plastic conduit again leaving the deck unencumbered. The conduit is tie-wrapped around support members below decks. The Minn Kota has a transducer built in and that cable also is in the conduit. The transducer cable exits the conduit below decks and is passed through the deck via a grommeted hole into the base of the back railing. It's fished up to and under the fish-finder location where it exits a grommeted hole in the railing and is plugged into the depth finder. The depth finder power cable is lead back to the battery through the same hole in the railing and exits through a grommeted rail hole to the battery. This keeps everything very functional and aesthetically pleasing.
We did remove the four metal fenders and replaced them with two conventional inflated fenders. We do clutter the deck with them when motoring but could just as easily drag them along in the water. We removed the metal fenders after trialing the boat. Even after raising them 3 inches we found in minor waves that water was being splashed on-deck. We've sailed small to large boats and had other fishing boats to 25 feet. We've never had an unfavorable incident utilizing inflated fenders in all those years and suspect they will be most adequate on the pontoon as they have been thus far.

Goal accomplished - on-decks there are two chairs, two fenders, and two happy fishing-persons. The PFD's are hung on the aft rails and are clear of the deck.

This is the best fishing boat we've ever owned. Thank you for your wonderful product. We've had nothing but compliments everywhere we've fished."
D. and S. Haeker, SD

"I built a bimini with photocells for the roof. The photocells charge the two 12 volt batteries that run the 24Volt Minicota with remote steering. Last year we used it an hour per day all summer and never had to charge the battery."
B. Hunsinger, IL

"All you have to do is fish from one your boats. The stability is unbelievable. I have never been on a smaller boat like this before that I could walk around. We even had two men on one side and never felt in danger of tipping. My father in law has one and after fishing from his I called you and ordered one."
Thomas Goodwine

 Mt. Vernon, IL

"I have been handling ProTatch Wire Winders in Australia for 15 years. I am always very happy with the ProTatch product line and have never had any issues with quality or customer service. I have sold over 200 units in Australia and can be reached at 0116733753899 or by email at nalawholdings@bigpond.com."
Tom Thompson

Nalaw Holdings in Toowong, Australia

"We just want to let you know how much we are enjoying our Lil Sport and Walk-n-Dock. It is exactly what we needed for our little "lake." When I ordered it the first of June, I thought for sure I would have to wait weeks to get it. But when Dan learned I was hoping to have it in time for my family's visit later in June, he went out of his way to get us one on a load that was coming this way. Less than a week later we have our boat in the lake. That's just awesome!

I also want to say something about your delivery crew. Ken, Joy and "Santa" did an unbelievable job of setting up the dock and getting the boat in the water. They didn't stop until they had everything just the way we wanted it. They were professional, efficient and very friendly. Even while working in the rain. I can't say enough about their efforts to make sure we were happy. We invited them to stop by again for a visit next time they are in the area and I hope they will take us up on it.
John and Kay Brown

 Dalton, GA

"Today I got the part for my trailer and really appreciate your effort in getting it shipped. I can say that I have never dealt with a better company and am extremely satisfied with your service which has gone well beyond anything I could expect. I can tell you that I have enthusiastically recommended both your boat and your company to anyone who is looking for a small pontoon.

Let me say a few words about your excellent boat. I have had boats all my life (had a summer home on an island) and had close to 25 boats, ranging from offshore sailing sloops to fresh water fish/ski boats, in my 65 years. I retired to a small lake in the northwoods of Wisconsin and now spend almost all of my time (when the lake is not
frozen), fishing and "playing" on the water. I recently got rid of a very expensive and powerful 20' fish/ski boat because I am no longer able to ski and I couldn't ask for more in a great fishing rig than your 510. Besides being a great fishing boat it is super for evening cruises and taking visitors out at night to look at the stars. Being closer to 300# than I care to mention, I had serious questions about how stable a small pontoon boat would be when loaded with a trolling motor, duel batteries and a bunch of fishing "stuff". I can say that if I didn't own and love a 510, I would not have believed that anything so compact could do such a wonderful job on the water. It is easy to board and moves well with a 55# trust trolling motor. The seating is great for up to four and there is room to move around, stand and generally have fun.

We get terrific wind and rain storms and it is great to have a boat that does not need bailing and rides out heavy weather well. I use small mooring whips and wind and wave action (from ski boats, etc.) does not phase our boat at all. This winter I am going to add a bunch of extras (custom night lights, electric anchors, etc.) so that next year I can feel even more spoiled."

Bill Alton

Arbor Vitae, WI

"I love my new boat. Thanks for the great service on a terriffic product. Your delivery person was the best. We invited him to have dinner with us that night at our home. Again, Thank You."
Jeremy Arehart

Stoney Creek, NY

"My family and I absolutely love our new Lil Sport fishing boat. It is just what we wanted. The stability is incredible and the quality and service is second to none. Thank You for a terriffic product. "
Robert Mull

Geary, OK

"Doing business with you was a wonderful experience. When Dan and I first spoke we struck the deal on a boat and trailer in just a few minutes. I was very impressed with how Dan did not try to sell me something I did not need or want.

I have never thought that purchasing something over the internet with out knowing the company or ever seeing the product could be such a great experience. My new boat is of the upmost quality and the stability of this craft is unmatched! I am very happy and will be purchasing more products from your company in the future.
Glenn Buchanan

Cary, NC

"The Customer service your company gives is by far the best I have seen. I am very satisfied with my boat and the delivery people were the best. Thank You for a terriffic job all the way to my door."
James Turner

North Myrtle Beach, SC

"Kevin, Congratulations on placing the fourth mini-pontoon boat on Lake Matthews! AC Meyers joins Sammy McDaniel, Mike Buffington and me as the fourth owner in Bright Water. That's about 10% of all of the boats on our lake. As soon as I get mine cleaned up I'm going to take a photo of all four rafted together out on our lake and send it to you for your web site."


Snellville, GA

"My only regret with this Pontoon Rescue 510 is I didn't buy it years ago. It is everything you claim it to be. I get lots of compliments on it and it's the best little floater around. The sporting goods stores came out with the 55LB. thrust after I bought my 46LB. thrust Minn Kota; it still does a fine job even in some pretty stiff winds. I have rescued 3 boat loads of people in one fishing season and it's a great little fisher."

Lithia Springs, GA


"My wife and granddaughter love the boat. We almost didn't make the first trip for all the on lookers whenever we stopped. The boat performed marvelously on the lake. Do you have some business cards that I can give to prospective buyers? If not I can print up a flyer. We have lots of good lakes around here. Looking forward to many more adventures. Thanks."


Jones, Alabama


Mrs. Bowers from Arlington, TX wanted to surprise her husband for Christmas by buying him a Lil Sport 510 pontoon boat. Kevin Houtwed, president of Pro-Tatch Inc., along with his wife and daughter personally delivered the boat on Christmas Eve for the ultimate Christmas surprise.


"It has been a ball.  Easy to get into low water conditions on the ramp (which we have plenty of right now during the drought), put a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton from Bass Pro on the back and does great, roomy, and my dog ( a cocker ) approves of it, too.  Did some Southern Engineering additions to the boat & all is great. 
Couldn't be happier........Dick"


Hello from South Carolina.

Noticed you had our photo on your web page while homeworking another possible pontoon project. I have had lots of folks interested in the one I built some time ago and wanted to send you a couple of photos of it for your info.

We really enjoy our pontoon! It can't be beat for fly fishing the 65 acre lake we use it on. The mountain water is so clear that you have to sneak up on the fish to catch them and the pontoon is just the ticket.

Ken T.

Dear Kevin:

"We just LOVE our Lil Sport. We bought a Honda 5-hsp, 4-stroke engine to go with it. As you may recall, we are using our boat on the Mississippi River, and were concerned when we first contacted you this summer that the boat might be tippy. It handles the waves like a champ, bobbing side to side or front to back like a cork. You should keep our name as a reference any time someone else has a question about the stability of the boat on a body of water such as the Mississippi with a strong current. I have attached a couple of photos illustrating some of the rough water we have been out on, plus one photo from the backwaters. Your boat has given us a chance to see many parts of the river we have never been able to get into before. We have been going there in cabin cruisers or houseboats for 10 years, but we have been limited to the main channel, til now!! 

Last weekend when we were camped on the river, we used the Lil Sport on about 6 different outings into the backwaters, of which the Mississippi has in abundance. Got to see great sights. The low draft of the pontoons -- and the shallow drive of the outboard and its ability to be tilted up and still run -- allow us to get into VERY shallow places. We later checked out our routes on a river map and figured we had traveled 15 miles, all on less than 2 gallons of gas.  

Our dog, who was quite afraid of the 12-ft V-bottomed boat we used to use for exploring, is now a champ rider on the Lil Sport. She can walk anywhere on it when we are motoring, and gets into and out of it easily, just as we do. We love the height and sturdiness of the handrails, by the way. And the boat tows very well behind our present cabin cruiser."

In contrast to your WI pontoon competitor who was very difficult to find in the first place, then get questions asked (unlike how responsive you have been) and when I asked him for WI customer names, said he couldn’t do that because he’d have to “dig through the files and it would take too much time.” We appreciate that your company’s customer service is SOO much different.

Best wishes,

Susi and Roy "



"Received the bench seat yesterday. We have had the boat out a couple times and my (NON SWIMMER) wife is very happy with it. She feel comfortable on it and caught the most fish and also the biggest. Thanks for the great service.

Willie & Linda"


Richard Annis , Central Arizona



Victor Lopez from Conroe, TX loves his boat.


"I picked my boat up at the factory. I have never enjoyed fishing so much. So stable. I caught 16 bass in 3 days. Love it. Thank you for a great product."

Richard Spracklen



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