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Gas Powered Winder!

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5 more Honda Powered Gas Winders

are assembled and ready to ship at Hotwoods!

Phil is shipping another gas powered wire winder
to a new customer in Idaho.
boxing winder



winder price

Pro-Tatch Honda Gas Powered Winder!!!

This unit offers the manual level wind.
Comes complete with safety shields as
shown. This unit can be set in the back of the pickup
or flatbed as well as run on the ground.

Tie off steel ring loops welded on each end to secure

it as you are rolling wire. Comes with reliable
5.5 hp. Honda pull start gas engine. Motor
carries a 3 year warranty through Honda.

The handle on the manual guide can be moved from
right to left, depending on what side you are working
the machine from. All steel costruction to last for many
years. As always we stand behind our products 100%.

Call to order 1-877-407-8645!

Phil is shipping more wire winders to customers
in multiple locations around the US.



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Gas Powered
Winder specs,
& information!
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Winder specs,
& information!
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hydr specs


Hotwoods Customer Spotlight



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If you have both the Cat-1 (7/8") and Cat-2 (1-1/8")
pins as shown in the photos, it is very easy to
convert the new Pro-Tatch Winder frame from
Cat-1 to Cat-2 mount and back again.

Wire Guide Arm (as shown in photos) is an accessory that can
be added to any new or used 3 point wire winder.

Hydraulic Wire Winder $949.00
Optional Guide Arm $129.00

hydraulic wire winder

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Additional Options

Select Category

Don't forget to ask about our new Wire Guide
which can be added to this 3 point wire winder ($129.00).
The Wire Guide can be added to any new or existing
Protatch Wire Winder no matter its age.
Click here for more info.
The wire guide handle for the winder is designed to be
used from either side of the unit. Just mount the handle on
the side you want to work from. This makes it much more
user-friendly when rolling wire.

This new mount will accept Cat 1-2 and 3 narrow.
The only difference in this new unit is the mount.
The winder itself works exactly as always.

  If you have both the Cat-1 (7/8") and Cat-2 (1-1/8") pins as shown in the photos, it is very easy to
convert the Pro-Tatch Winder from Cat-1 to Cat-2
mount and back again.
    The Pro-Tatch Wire Guide Arm (as shown in photos)
is an accessory that can be added to any new or used 3 point wire winder. The guide arm allows the operator to stand on the side of the unit.

The strongest 3pt. wire winders on the market today. Over 16,000 in use world wide.
The ball valve is your variable speed control. Smooth-operating valve allows you to easily select any
speed from fast down to crawl, as well as a complete stop. Wire winder's hydraulic motor provides
ample power for hard jobs like pulling barbed wire through tall grass.

Always regulate speed of this unit from the hydraulics on tractor.
Always plug valve hose into power side of hydraulics.

This reel is designed for 4 tie wires to assure no spreading of the wire when taken off the cone.
Place these wires on the reel prior to start up. Our products are proven rugged. Long life,
replaceable bushings prevent wear to steel parts. These yellow cone reels are hand spun
from drawing quality steel to assure a lifetime of use. 100% steel construction

: View this video to see the ProTatch Wire Winder in action.

****Every farmer needs these in their work truck****
(Small Roll of #9 Wire)

#9 Wire

Free wire badgeFree wire badge

Roll has 63' of # 9 soft black wire, weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

These rolls are very handy to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop.
Easier to handle and store than the old 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of the pickup for years.
Thousands of farmers already have these in their pickup, and so should you!

Part Number



$10.00 per roll (plus shipping)


Recieve 1 FREE roll of #9 soft black wire with the purchase
of ANY Wire WInder from Hotwoods.com!
-Ask for details when ordering-


"Thank You for your prompt service & shipment on my new wire winder. Excellent service."

~ Ed Johnson, Towner, ND


Here goes Keith & Kevin Schumacher from Petersburg, NE carrying the last wire
winder out of Husker Harvest Days, here in Grand Island, NE.
They had to carry it about a 1/2 mile to their pickup. Now that's determination.
We welcome two more happy customers.

  hydraulic wire winder
Shown with wire rolled and end plate removed. Tie wires in place and ready to pull wire from reel. Finished rolls from the Pro-Tatch wire winder are tight, compact
& easy to handle.
  • The hydraulic design allows you to start slow, speed up
    or slow down. No more jerking and breaking wire, etc.
  • Simple to use: Just park tractor in one spot, tie a weight
    on the end of the wire and begin pulling toward you.
  • When the reel is full, tie the roll with 3 tie wires used on the
    3 different positions of the reel. Then split the reel and
    take the tied roll of wire off the reel.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions
Or To Order Your Wire Winder.

Part Number



$949.00 delivered

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"I have been handling ProTatch Wire Winders in Australia for 15 years. I am always very happy with the
ProTatch product line and have never had any issues with quality or customer service. I have sold over
347 units in Australia and can be reached at 001161733753499 or by email at nalawholdings@bigpond.com.

~ Tom Thompson, Nalaw Holdings in Toowong, Australia

C, Joe Shippen with Philp Sheep Co. from Lysite, Wy. called to let us know how well he likes his hydraulic wire winder.

He said it works so smooth and trouble free that he just had to tell us great job on a great product.

He has rolled many miles of wire and is very happy with the performance.

We welcome another happy customer.


Wire Winder Guide Arm


magnum winder1

New optional wire winder guide arm. This can be adapted to all models including the universal unit.

The yellow vertical bars out in front of the reel are roller sleeves that will keep any type of wire rolling
between the guide arms. These are a must when rolling barbed wire.

Manufactured of all steel with a comfort hand grip this unit is designed to last for the life of your winder.
Our new guide arm can be added to a new or any existing wire winder manufactured by Pro-Tatch Inc.
This is a great option to add to your existing unit.

Part Number



(for Category 1-2-3) $129.00 each

(for Universal) $129.00 each
(for Magnum Winder) $129.00 each
(for Bale Bed Winder) $129.00 each

Select Guide Arm


Solid Reel

hydraulic wire winder

This reel has a 4" center tube. We also offer an  8" center tube for high tensile wire.
This can be added to any Pro-Tatch wire winder. (Design leaves wire on the reel.)

solid spools
  solid spool
With its 8” center you will not roll the high tensile wire as tight in a small coil when rolling. Capacity is 1 mile of wire. The 4” center standard reel measures 20” in diameter and is designed to be used on any type of wire. It will comfortably hold 1 mile of smooth or 1/2 mile of barbed wire. The 4” mini solid reel is 12” in diameter and is designed to hold smooth or barbed wire. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. All 3 designs are all steel construction and manufactured to last for many years of use. All 3 solid reels shown are UPS shippable.
solid spool

This is our all new 12” mini reel with 4” center tube. This reel measures 12” x 12” with 4” center. It is designed to be used on all Pro-Tatch wire winders just like our other solid reels. It will comfortably hold 1/2 mile smooth wire. It can also be used to roll barbed wire as well. Very easy to handle and store. All steel construction to last for years of use. UPS shippable.


Part Number


(4" Mini) NS-1752
$55.00 + shipping

(4" reel) NS-1754

$77.00 + shipping

(8" reel) NS-1758
$82.00 + shipping

Choose Reel
Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.

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Optional Arm

hydraulic wire winder

hydraulic wire winder

Optional arm designed for unrolling new rolls of wire.
This arm can be added to any Pro-Tatch wire winder. Easily adapted to ATV's, Pickups, etc.

Part Number



$179.00 delivered

John Britten from Liss Hampshire, United Kingdom has just been added to our happy customer list
as he purchased a Cat. 2 wire winder to be used on his farm in the United Kingdom.


Magnum Series Wire Winder

winder frame




click to read
Winder specs,
& information!

mag winder


hydraulic wire winder

Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.

magnum winder1

The Pro-Tatch Magnum winder with the
wire guide arm. This accessory can be added to
any new or used wire winder $129.00 plus UPS.

mag winder2

The Pro-Tatch Magnum winder bearing carrier plate
that is part of the magnum reel that carries the weight
of the double reel. It is very easy to remove when
loading and unloading rolls of wire.

mag winder3

The Pro-Tatch Magnum winder from the motor side.
Each Magnum comes with the double spool setup to work great for more wire when rolling to save. This reel setup
also works great to roll multiple strands of wire at one
time if you are picking it up and disposing of it.

mag winder4

The Pro-Tatch Magnum winder uses 2 of our coned
reels facing each other to give you double the
capacity when rolling wire.

magnum winder   magnum windr
This photo shows a close up of the bolt on
motor arm with everything in place.
This photo shows the lovejoy coupler between
the drive shaft and the motor.
magnum winder   magnum winder
The new 3 point mount magnum completely assembled  
This is the complete magnum winder unassembled.


Roll multiple strands with our all new 3 Point Magnum Series Wire Winder.

  • This unit is designed to pull 1 to 4 strands at once.

  • Excellent for those big cleanup jobs where saving the wire is not important.

  • The Magnum Series also works fine for a single strand of barbed or smooth wire. It works exactly like our original Wire Winder.

  • Need to roll up a full mile of barbed wire? Or two miles of smooth wire?

  • UPS Shippable.

Part Number



$1099.00 delivered

Magnum Universal Mount Winder

hydraulic wire winder
hydraulic wire winder
hydraulic wire winder
Performs exactly like our 3 point mount Magnums, but with a different mount. This uses a 16" square 1/4" plate with 4 mounting holes punched, one in each corner that can be adapted to mount on many different applications. We see many of these being used on skid loaders, bolted to buckets of loaders, flatbeds on pickups etc. This is a great unit to be used as a cleanup winder also. The reel splits in the center by pulling it apart after the reel is full.
  • 3-tie wire locations on the reel for easy unloading

  • 3/4" bearing keeps everything level and prevents bending problems

  • End plate removes easily when you are ready to unload a full reel of wire

  • No sales tax for nebraska residents will be added.

Part Number



$1099.00 delivered

Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.

Bale Bed Wire Winder

hydraulic wire winder

The all new mounting design makes it possible to mount your hydraulic
wire winder to any hydraulic bale bed on the market today.
This unit performs exactly like any of our other hydraulic wire winders.
Through our research we have found that bale beds will have a
3"x3", 3"x4",3.5"x3.5" or 4"x4" tube that is the arm that carries the bale.
When ordering, always know the size of the tube on the arm of your bale bed.
This will ensure that you receive the mount that fits your bale bed.

This unit is designed to be operated from either side of your truck. It can be operated on the outside of the arm or inside. As you can see, there are many options in the directions of where the reel will set with the way we designed the mount. Hotwoods suggests that you use it on the drivers side of the truck on the inside as shown in the photos. By doing that, you can raise the arm up and over to set your rolled wire on the bed of your truck. This takes a great amount of the work out of handling the heavy rolls of wire. This unit is designed to operate with the same functions as all of our wire winders do and have for years.

bale bed guide armbale bed guide arm

Our standard split reel holds up to 1/2 mile of barbed wire and up to 1 mile of smooth wire.
*unit will come with 10' hoses 1/2" male pipe ends (no quick couplers will be provided)
*unit comes complete with ball valve and all necessary hardware.
*unit comes standard with reusable split yellow reel as shown in the photos.
*unit mounts in seconds to your bale bed arm.
Please specify the size of tube on your bale bed arm.

When ordering, always know the size of the tube on the arm of your bale bed.

Bale Bed Unit has all the same capabilities as the 3 point units.
Any & all solid reels that we manufacture will work with this Bale Bed unit.
(with the exception of the magnum unit)


Arm Tube Size

Part Number


3" x 3" Arm


$799.00 delivered

US Continental 48 States
3" x 4" Arm
$799.00 delivered
US Continental 48 States
3.5" x 3.5" Arm
$799.00 delivered
US Continental 48 States
4" x 4" Arm
$799.00 delivered
US Continental 48 States
Bale Bed Wire Winder

Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.


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Replacement Seal Kits

Replacement seal kits are available for the older Protatch Wire Winders.

Part Number



$55.00 delivered

Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.


Universal Hydraulic Winder

Shipping included on purchases within
the U.S. Continental 48 States. Call to purchase
outside the U.S. 877-407-8645.
hydraulic wire winder

This unit can be used in many applications. We see it most commonly used on skid steers, loader buckets,
or bale mover pickups. You can mount it anywhere you have hydraulics.

  • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 1/4" Mounting Plate.

  • 1/2" Mounting Holes In Corners For Mounting.

  • Unit Comes Complete With Reel, Hoses, Valve, Shaft, Lovejoy Couplers, and Motor. (As Shown)

  • This Unit Functions Exactly The Same As Our 3-Point Model. The Only Difference Is The Mount Shown.

    hydraulic wire winder
    This is the complete universal wire winder you will recieve unless you just need the framework only.
    hydraulic wire winder
    All components from 3 point mount
    will interchange with this unit.

Part Number



$799.00 delivered


Universal 3-Point System

With this new package it is posible to use your new winder as a 3-point on the tractor
or you can unbolt the motor arm from that mount and bolt it to your universal plate
to be mounted in a multiple of ways.

The Universal has become very popular and this system gives you more options when using your
new Pro-Tatch Wire Winder. With this package you will recieve everything shown in the above picture
which includes the 3-point mount along with the universal mount and
all the hardware including the yellow split reel.

Here is the Universal and the 3-Point mounts being shown placing the motor arm into each mount.
This system is what makes it possible to use your winder for either a tractor mount or a universal plate mount.

Part Number



$1449.00 delivered in 48 states
(delivery outside US additional cost)

Universal Hydraulic Winder - Mount Only

hydraulic wire winder
Mount for Universal Winder may be purchased separately.
This is an option for the owner of a Protatch Hydraulic
Wire Winder who needs to mount it to a different
application other than a tractor. All componants
from the 3-point Hydraulic Winder will bolt to
this mount and function in the same way.

Part Number



$295.00 delivered

Custom Mount

hydraulic wire winder
Hydraulic Wire Winder - over 16,000 manufactured and in the field.
ProTatch is the First Name in Wire Winders.

Please call about any questions on special mounting of the wire winders shown
or wire winders designed for any size operation.

A Hotwoods customer that had made many reels over the years
to work with his home made wire winder wanted his reels to
work on our gas powered unit. As you see his center tube was
to large and fit very loose over our shaft. So to make it work
perfectly for him we made a spacer tube to fit inside his reel
that slides over our original shaft and it works perfect.
We will make your reels work also if you have already made
or purchased other reels in the past. This is not a difficult
process as all we need is measurements or a reel to work with.

The image on the right shows the spacer tube prior to
installation over the original winder shaft.
After holes are lined up in the drive shaft with the reel
and spacer tube, insert drive pin and you are ready to roll wire.
Hotwoods can manufacture custom solutions to help you get
even the toughest wire rolling jobs done with ease.


Harry Preisendorf from Grand Island, NE purchased
this wire winder from Pro-Tatch 15 years ago.
Harry has added a few modifications such as tool holders
to his winder to make it just right for his operation.
Harry runs around 1600 cows a year in the stocks.
He moves as much as 20 miles of wire a week when
the season hits. Harry has been very happy with the
operation of the winder and the service he has
received from Pro-Tatch Inc.

We recommend using thread sealer tape when installing
the tips on the hoses and also when mounting hoses on motor etc.

Now that our customer Harry has the weight on the end of the wire and his tractor in place he begins to roll the electric fence on this cat 2 wire winder.


This customer from Nebraska shows us how
they cut out hand holes in the solid reels
for ease of handling when the reel is full.
Also when they are rolling smooth wire they
know when the wire is to the edge of the
hand hole they have 2 miles of wire on that reel.

Make sure all fittings are tight before operating your wire winder.

Hotwoods Wire Stretching Products
Made with Pride in the USA

Bullnose Fencing Pliers

The Bullnose fencing pliers are the most reliable fencing pliers on the market. Our bullnose fencing pliers can easily cut barbed wire, and smooth wire. These are the type of fencing pliers used on most of the major ranches in the world. Guaranteed for 1 year, but designed to last a lifetime.

You will not find a better set of fencing pliers!

  • Lightly chrome plated heavy steel construction

  • Hammer head, and wire cutter on both sides

  • Staple puller in the head

  • Specifically designed for cutting heavy barbed wire

Part Number





Plammer Pliers

This tool is a combination hammer, and fencing pliers. Older versions of the plammer were to light and not durable enough for heavy use. You will not have those problems with this tool, it is heavy made and will last a long long time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Heavy steel construction

  • Hammer head for driving staples or nails

  • Large claw for pulling nails

  • Wire cutters on both sides

Part Number






Spike Fencing Pliers


These new pliers have a new spike on one side and a bullnose on the other. They are new from Moore Maker and are available in either large or small versions. This is the large version.

Best fencing pliers in the world.

  • Lightly chrome plated heavy steel construction

  • Hammer head, and wire cutter on both sides

  • Staple puller in the head, plus NEW Spiked head

  • Specifically designed for cutting heavy barbed wire

Part Number





Wire Stretcher

This stretcher is ideal for short stretches of fence. Simply place the wire to be stretched between the handle and head, place the head on the post at desired height, apply pressure until desired tension is reached, tie off, or staple the wire, that is all there is to it.

Guaranteed for one year.

  • Length: 28 inches, Weight: 4-1/2 lbs.

  • Heavy Steel Construction

  • Patented by Moore Maker Inc.

  • Makes stretching wire quicker, and easier


Part Number






Dave Fintel from Deshler, NE has been using one of our hydraulic wire winders for years.
He says he cannot be happier with the way it works.
Thank you for your great service and excellent product!

"I purchased a Pro-Tatch wire winder over 5 years ago. I use it every year to roll and unroll
upwards of 6 plus miles of smooth wire . I have had no problems with the unit and the guys in
Grand Island at Pro-Tatch Inc. are terriffic to work with.
Excellent peice of equipment."

~ Scott Roberts, Polk, NE

Kevin Houtwed helping load a new 3 point wire winder in Tim Aitkens pickup on a Sunday morning.
Tim contacted Kevin at home and said he needed to pick up fence that day to beat a storm coming in.
Kevin was more than happy to meet Tim at the office on Sunday morning.
This is the first wire winder we loaded out of our new, not even finished building on 3-6-2011.

Send us a photo of your homemade wire winders so we can see what has worked for you.
Click here to email us.

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