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Work From The Safest Platform In The Industry.

Shows the extreme stability of the 15' Fish N Sport
  • Excellent tool for wastewater treatment plants and engineering firms.

Patrick Engineering out of Lisle, IL bought their first 510 Series boat back in 2002. They bought their second one in 2006 to use as work platforms to do core sampling in and around Chicago, IL.

The light weight design makes it easy for loading and docking.

Optional easy load Shoreland'r Trailer is available. Whether you power with gas or electric this pontoon moves with ease in very shallow water, making it a great utility tool.

Notice the two men on the 510 Series Pontoon are standing comfortably while the men in the john boat have much less maneuverability during core sampling around Chicago, IL.

Shown with the Sears Tower in Chicago, IL in the background.


We accommodate the needs of most customers. Here is a 12' model Lil Sport going to Rio Rancho, NM. It was special ordered with no floor covering or decals. This customer is going to have it Rhino Linned to be used in an industrial setting.

Above are the men from Hydro Construction of Fort Collins, CO.
They ordered their 510 pontoon to be used on a new water treatment
plant they are building in Buffalo, WY.

Hotwood's delivered it right to the job site for them in Buffalo. Preston (right) was very pleased with the customer service we provided.

Boat Specs:

  • Heavy Duty Non-Rustable Aluminum

  • 10 Horse Power Rating

  • 900 lb. carrying capacity

  • Two 12-inch diameter pontoons

  • Two 8-inch diameter pontoons

  • Total boat weight: 400 lbs.

  • Comfort Grip Handrails

  • Rear Step / Splash Guard

  • Front Dive / Fish Deck 5' x 20"

  • Single Bench Seat Standard with 2 Drink Holders

  • Side Drift Protection Rails

  • High Grade Outdoor Carpet (optional rubber flooring)


All our boats have excellent floor drainage to keep the craft from water setting in it after it has rained. Many other boats have inadequate floor drainage and you can expect 3-4 inches of water in them after a rain. What a hassel!

Our 510 series pontoon boats have a 1" drain in the center on each end and also all 4 corners drain out.

The State of Hawaii’s Division of Aquatic Resources,
Aquatic Invasive Species team has constructed a machine on board a pontoon boat. A underwater vacuum device was mounted on a 12ft pontoon boat, known as the Mechanical Herbivore. This device is field proven on its effectiveness on removing alien algae biomass off our coral reefs. This device will be shipped to the Island of Molokai to remove invasive alien algae from affected coral reef habitats.

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15' Utility Boat

Above is the proper way to strap down your boat (front and rear) when transporting on the
road. This is done using one 6' atv strap on the front and the rear, as shown.

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