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Trucker's Ladder
The New Trucker's Ladder is a 3-rung, portable ladder designed to help the driver step up
and onto the trailer when inspecting a load.


Made of all steel construction,
the Trucker's Ladder is designed
to last for years when used properly.
Excellent to use in adverse weather as we all know how slippery things get with a little moisture.



Can be hung along the side
of the trailer. Anywhere there is
railing to hang it on.

Simply pull lock pin and lift it
up and set it into place to
create an angle very
comfortable for stepping up.

Handle makes climbing easy
as it provides something to grab onto when going up or down the steps.





Ladder and handle hangs in straight
down position when not in use.


When locked down as shown with pin on
side rail of trailer your ladder will not fall off or hang crooked.


The Trucker's Ladder is a must for drivers who have trouble getting up on the trailer.

Think of the liabilty this could relieve your company of instead of having drivers
crawling up on trailers in unsafe conditions. A must for every truck you own.

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