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Complete set of 15' floats sold exactly as shown
with brackets welded in place. Call with questions.


We also sell our 510 Series Boat pontoons separately

The 15' models (pictured above) have a buoyancy of 900lbs. per set..

The 12' 10" models have a buoyancy of 700lbs. per set.

The outboard pontoons have a diameter of 12" and the inboard pontoons have a diameter of 8".

All pontoons have a wall thickness of .090".

Ken Tinsley from Easley, SC is preparing to build his own boat using
a new set of 15' floats.

This setup is a terrific start for someone interested in building their own personal pontoon boat.

Prices include a complete set of pontoons including all brackets welded in place.

Call Toll Free 1-877-407-8645 Today For Any Questions Or To Order Your Pontoon Floats.



15' Length Model

$1,850.00 + shipping

12' 10" Length Model

$1,750.00 + shipping

price does not include shipping - call for details 1-877-407-8645

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