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The following are answers to some frequently asked questions
about our 510 Series Pontoon Boats.

What are the overall dimensions of the boats?
The width on all of our 510 Series boats is 5' 7" to the outside of the floats.
The overall length of the boat and trailer is 19' 6".
What is the height of the hitch off the ground?
When the boat and trailer are level, the hitch is 17 1/2" off the ground.
How wide are the access openings between the side rails?
There is a 21" opening between the side rails for access onto and off the boat from the sides.
How much width do the side grab rails add to the boat?
The side grab rails add 7" to each side of the boat.
What are the widths of the pontoons - center to center?
The outboard 12" pontoons are 54" to the center of the cones.
The inboard 8" pontoons are 34" to the center of the cones.
How long are the pontoons?
The 12' pontoon is 12' 10" tip to tip.
The 15' pontoon is 15' 2" tip to tip.
How tall are the handrails?
The handrails are 20" tall.
How tall is the deck lip around the edge of the floor?
The deck edging is 3 1/2" tall. This serves as the framework for the boat, therefore it should not be customized or compromised in any way.
What are the trailer connection specs?
The trailer uses a 2" ball hitch and 4 prong flat rubber electrical connector.
What is the maximum hp motor I can use with these boats?
10 hp is the maximum rating for these boats. You may use either a short or long shaft motor on our pontoons.
These boats perform great with 4, 5, or 6 hp motors because of the unique high floatation pontoon design.
Do you have directions on assembling the 510 Series Pontoon boats?
Yes, click here for complete assembly instructions.
Can I alter my Pontoon?
Yes, these boats have been used for the water treatment service industry and have also been customized individually by our customers. Click here to see how some of our customers have altered their Hotwoods pontoons.

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