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12' Personal Pontoon Boat

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  • Excellent for lake front home owners, fishing etc.

  • Extremely stable and moves in very shallow water

  • Actual floor space is 5' x 10'

12' Lil Sport

Doug and Rick spend a Saturday afternoon
trying to get the one that got away
in southern Missouri.

Great for lakefront properties.
When home for the summer, Brittany loves spending time with her family in Nebraska on their Lil Sport 510.

Here are August and Patricia Stomberg and (Mollie)
picking up their new LilSport Personal Pontoon.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner all the way from Billings, Montana taking delivery of their new LilSport.

This is how your Lil Sport will ride in the water with 3 adults. That is, 3 happy adults.

Three men bow and spear fishing on the lakes edge in
central Nebraska on their Lil Sport 510.

This is Charlie & Kathleen Hepfinger from Omaha, NE with their son-in-law Mike getting ready to enjoy their new Lil Sport 510 on the lake at their lake home
in West Point, NE.

We accommodate the needs of most customers. Here is a 12' model Lil Sport going to Rio Rancho, NM. It was special ordered with no floor covering or decals. This customer is going to have it Rhino Linned to be used in an industrial setting.

The State of Hawaii’s Division of Aquatic Resources, Aquatic Invasive Species team has constructed a machine on board a pontoon boat. A underwater vacuum device was mounted on a 12ft pontoon boat, known as the Mechanical Herbivore. This device is field proven on its effectiveness on removing alien algae biomass
off our coral reefs. This device will be shipped to the Island of Molokai to remove invasive alien algae from affected coral reef habitats.


All of our boats have excellent floor drainage to keep the craft from water setting in it after it has rained. Many other boats have inadequate floor drainage and you can expect 3-4 inches of water in them after a rain. What a hassel! Our 510 series pontoon boats have a 1" drain in the center on each end and also all 4 corners drain out.

Lil Sport 510 Features

  • Heavy Duty Non-Rustable Aluminum


  • Two 12-inch diameter pontoons

  • 3/4-inch marine grade plywood floor


  • Two 8-inch diameter pontoons

  • High grade outdoor carpet


  • Seven horsepower rating

  • Useable floor space: 5' x 10'


  • Total length: 12 ft 10 in

  • Total boat weight: 350 lbs


  • Total width: 5 ft 7in

  • Comfort Grip Handrails


  • Front Step / Splash Guard


Shown with folding tongue and spare mounted in place.

Here is a load of 3 boats headed
to new customers in MS and AL.

The Lyckberg boys (Father & Son team) from Des Plaines, IL decided to tent camp it on their way out
to pick up their new boat and trailer. They added they are tent camping on the way home to yet add more excitement to their trip of picking up the boat they have always wanted. Maybe they will send us photos
of the trip when they get home. Enjoy your boat guys.

Ron Hamilton of Wichita Falls, TX is all smiles as Kristen
backs up the company pickup into position to drop off his
new Fish N Sport 510 Pontoon Boat.

We accommodate the needs of most customers. Here is
a 12' model Lil Sport going to Rio Rancho, NM. It was special ordered with no floor covering or decals. This customer is going to have it Rhino Linned to be used in an industrial setting.

This is Ed & Louise Norris from Fort Collins, CO.
They drove out to pick up their new Lil Sport 510 in
our showroom. Welcome aboard Norris family!

Above are Dale & Grandson Ian Hase from
Americus, KS. They drove up to meet the guys at Hotwoods and pick up thier new Lil Sport 510
personal pontoon. Welcome aboard Men!

Here is Randy Miller from Ravenna, NE. He drove in and picked up his new Lil Sport 510. He cannot wait to get it on the water. Welcome Aboard Randy.

Rod & Shannon Kinney from Berthoud, CO drove
out to pick up their new Tan Lil Sport complete with
duck blind and trailer. Welcome aboard from Hotwoods!

Bill and Christine Miller's Hotwoods pontoon boat
on Pactola Lake near their Rapid City, SD home.

The Harris Family at their Mountain Home in Smoot, WY, are
really excited about getting that new 510 on the lake.


Paula Dinkel picked up her new 510 Series boat at our
Grand Island, NE facility to take back to her cabin in
Wisconsin. Paula is from Arizona, but vacations in her
cabin in WI.
Above is the proper way to strap down your boat (front and rear) when transporting
on the road. This is done using one 6' atv strap on the front and the rear, as shown.
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