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Hotwoods Hog Gates

Here is the Hotwood's Hog Gate in action.

Carlton Musgrove from Cullman, Alabama had a good day when he checked this trap site. Carlton notes that when using lures the Russian Mix he purchased from Hotwoods was the difference when it cam to really bringing in the hogs.
Feral Hog Trap
Feral Hog Trap

The Hotwoods Eliminator

Designed with help from State Wildlife Control Services, this light weight hog trap gate lends
a new twist to an already proven design.

Designed to lag into wood posts or to be used with steel "T" posts or can be adapted to any situation you may have.

click to see how to recognize feral hog damage.

How the Eliminator works...

A trip line attaches to the front of the door hanger and then to the rear of the pen. When the hog hits the line, the 3 doors go down. It is nearly impossible for any hog to get out through the door after it closes.
Feral Hog Trap
Shown with doors in upright position

"The light weight aluminum doors
allow even the smallest hog to get in."

The three door design allows all sizes of hogs to enter after the trip line has been released and the doors are in the down position. Allowing one at a time or multiples to enter while eliminating the chance of other hogs escaping.

The door opening is 34" tall x 38" wide. Each door is approximately 12" wide. Allowing you to trap all
sizes of hogs. Overall height is 68". You will find this gate to be very user friendly and extremely duralbe.

Feral Hog Trap

This trap was setup in South East Oklahoma, near Soper. "Wild Hog paradise".

Shown is the saloon style gate set up with the ever popular three door drop style gate. These pens were 12' x 12' x 5' tall. Made from heavy hot panel gates and designed to work with our all aluminum hog gates.

Feral Hog Trap
Feral Hog Trap

Feral Hog Trap

Day one, we went to the site where the hogs
have been seen regularly, set up our pens, and
used shelled corn for bait.

wild boar trap

wild boar trap

After setting up pens with the gates side by side,
we tossed the corn very loosely around inside the pen as shown in these photos.

We used tie cables to the back of the pen that we found after our first catch. We should have used a stake in the back of the pen instead of tying to the panel as the first hogs trapped released the second door on the other pen from hitting the gates and tripping the cable to the pen inside them. This would not be a problem if you use stakes in the back of the pen or did not have the pens side by side as we did.

"These gates were a great success as we caught six pigs the first night. The biggest hog would have weighed in the 180 to 200 lb. range and really seemed to put the pen to the test."

wild boar trap
The movie below shows Hotwood's Hog Gates as featured in part 3 of the 4 part series "A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Ferel Swine Pandemic" posted by the Mississippi State University Department of Wildlife.
wild boar trap

wild boar trap
"After having at least 7 hots at one time in the trap each of the past 4 nights, I was a little disappointed to have only trapped this one sow. The good news is she was pregnant with 3 or 4 more. I couldn't get her to hold still near the Hotwoods Eliminator, but this photo didn't come out too bad. She weighed in at 93 pounds, field dressed this morning. Looks like we will have another good bunch of sausage and pork chops." ~ David
Watch us set up the Hotwoods Eliminator Trap:
wild boar trap
The easy to handle light weight aluminum gate held up with no problem whatsoever. We are very confident you will be 100% satisfied with our Hog Gates as found through our testing.
One of our customers in Pauline, SC used cattle panels from local supplier and welded heavy hog panels on the inside of them. This makes for a very easy to haul set up and catching of wild pigs.

Email from on of our customers:

"I'm really looking forward to receiving my Hotwoods Eliminator. I have had so many problems with hogs destroying my landscaping in my yard. Here are a handful of photos that were all taken on the same day on my stealth cam. In the next few photos, you will see what the hogs did in one night to my yard. Unfortunately, I'm trying to sell this house and I'm presently not living there. My only hope is to capture this herd of hogs or to fence my yard."

In this picture, with the deer, you can see that my grass is in fairly good shape. I had already repaired it a couple of times from hog damage, but it looks fine.
The first hog shows up in the camera at about half past midnight.
Less than an hour later, the whole family arrives and decides to feast in my zoysia grass. I know I have some grubs, but i never figured it was enough to feed this many hogs.
This sow was just under 200 pounds on the ground. Her pork chops were very tasty and the sausage turned out excellent!
Three hours later, you can see the damage they have done. It took hours to repair this and cost me over $500 in labor and replacement landscaping. You can see that I left the lights on in the house, on the porch and there is a huge floodlight on the pole next to the house.
I built this hog pen to the specifications I found on your web site and per the advice you gave me. I used heavy duty utility panels 5 ft high and 16 ft wide with 4"x4" squares. I'm ansious to get my Boggy Creek Eliminator added to capture these pests.

#9 Wire

Roll has 63' of #9 soft black wire, weighs 3.5 lbs.
These rolls are very convenient to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop. Easier to handle and store. This is the same #9 support wire that we used in our trapping video. This wire is what we use to support all of our snares. The small roll is so handy when working in the terrain most problem animals live in.

Part Number



$10.00 per roll




Here is what can happen on the edge of town in a new subdivision
with the help of our four legged plows that we want to help you control.

Manufactured completely from aluminum, the Hotwoods Elimiator Style gates is easy to lift and carry.

After working with various state agencies, we have found standard steel hog traps were just too heavy and difficult to move. Therefore, we built these gates entirely out of aluminum to make them very easy to install and move.

Easy to handle. Easy to move

Weighs less than 55 lbs.

Feral Boar Trap
Dr. Steve White has used four 5 foot x 16 foot cattle panels to forma round pen. When not using a top
to the pen, always make sure your pen is round so
the hogs can't pile up in the corner and escape.
T-posts are installed every 4 feet.
Attaching the trip cable to the rooter gate trip bar.
Checking the trip cable to make sure
everything is working smoothly.
Scatter corn from 4 feet in front of the trap and in
through the doorway. A pair of holes 2 feet deep are
dug and filled with corn under the rooter cable trip wire.
The doors will be wired open until the hogs are hitting the bait nightly and are comfortable with going into the trap. We want as many hogs in
the trap as possible the first time. He is wiring the rooter gate to the t-post in four places with #9 wire.
Adding additional corn bait
leading in through the gate door.
Lastly, we pour some black gold on
a dead log to finish off a pen set.
We will drive posts every 4 feet around the
pen and this hog pen is ready to go!


Feral Hog Trap

(BG-Steel Eliminator) $472.00 + shipping

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Boss Hawg Pen Traps

Boss Hawg Standard Pen Trap

The Boss Hawg "Standard" feral hot trap design is 4' x 8' x 3'
and fits easily into a full sized pickup bed.

This little rugged swing door live trap is perfect for ranches and farms. Anywhere hogs are
a problem. The Boss Hawg Standard is excellent for spot trapping small groups of hogs when big pen traps are not necessary. This trap is not collapsible like our other model.


Boss Hawg Pro Pen

The Pro Pen is a tough all-steel portable hog pen trap that pins together. It comes with 1 saloon style door, 7 pro pen panels and 1 entrance door that can also be equipped with a loading chute to load the hogs onto a trailer. The pen can be expended by adding more pro pen panels. This all-steel pen will hold up to the abuses of hog trapping and give your ranch or farm years of service and dependability.

$2,100.00 (without loading chute)
$2,370.00 (with loading chute)
$147.00 (additional 5'x10' panel for Pro Pen)

. .....ITEM NUMBER ...... .......... PRICE
BH-ST $435.00
BHPP-SH $2500.00
BHPP-PN $150.00

Black Gold Wild Boar Attractant

Black Gold is an environmentally safe wild boar scent attractant. It is designed to be used as a rub and is best when applied to the side of a tree or post or when poured on the edge of a recently used wallow. Both hunters and trappers alike have had great success bringing in boars with Black Gold!

What makes Black Gold stand apart from other boar attractants is that it contains no salt. Hogs do not sweat and therefore cannot handle salt. Most other hog attractants have salt listed as their first ingredient.

As a scent attractant or rub, Black Gold can be used in most states that forbid baiting because boars are attracted to the strong scent and want to rub and roll in the pungent odor. Always check local and state game laws before using any attractant.

wild boar trap
wild boar trap
wild boar trap


"Last night I put more Black Gold out and the pigs were there at 8:00 PM"

"Our slump was ended; Black Gold brought the 'pork chops' across the threshold"

wild boar trap
wild boar trap

"Good to the last drop!"

"I have been using Black Gold as an attractor and hog
in heat on the string across the door to the trap to keep deer out, seems like this is attracting bigger boars."

Other Popular Boar Attractants

Nitro (4oz.)

Nitro is a powerful mixture of flavors that the wild boar love! This ultra fine powder was developed to attract from long distances and has a super sweet taste that the boar love. Use it in hog traps that the hogs hve been avoiding. They won't be able to resist it! Just shake it all over the inside of the trap! Treats four traps. Use 1oz. per trap; it's strong and ultra fine. Not for auto feeders, this powder can get sticky.
NITR-4 $8.50

Russian Mix (4oz.)

Sour Mash Excel (4oz.)

No more mess making sour mash. Comes in our 4oz stand up black bag and a new 1lb size that you can mix with your favorite feed to make an outstanding instant sour mash! It has a powerful odor and a sweet taste that the boar will love. Just mix a small handful with each bag of dry corn or feed and put it out. They will find it fast! Two flavors to choose from: Raspberry Apple Jelly or Sour Apple.
SM-RA $8.50
Developed and tested on our 5,000 acres to mask the bitter taste of added vitamins and minerals. Not only did it perform it's purpose; we noticed a 50% increase in daytime feedings. 4oz. will flavor up to 250lbs of feed or corn. Available in 2 flavors: Peanut butter cookie dough and Blackberry Molasses. Great for feeders or any application!

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