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"Dog Proof" Coon Trap

Available now!!! The latest "Dog Proof" Raccoon Trap!
Features heavy duty machine chain with swivels attached.
This trap comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap.
Set it, stake it, and forget it. Its that simple. Features heavy duty coil springs and trigger system.

..........ITEM ................ PRICE
DPCT (single)
DPCT (doz.)
$12.95 +ship
$148.00 +ship

Phil trapping bobcats on the Republican River in southern NE.


Silver Creek Beaver Lure

The Silver Creek Lure is a castor based lure that really reaches out and makes the beaver
investigate out of curiosity or rage. Silver Creek works well all year round and is unbeatable
in the spring at castor mounds.
(As seen in our free beaver trapping video).

There are two types of
Silver Creek Beaver Lure available:

Silver Creek Beaver Lure I
Original castor order. Great for curiosity.

Silver Creek Beaver Lure II
Original Silver Creek Beaver Lure castor scent
with added ingredients. Great as a change up lure.

Al Lux with a successful hunt in eastern Colorado.

Our lure is for the avid trapper out to catch a few beaver for fun, or for the land owner trying to stop beaver damage on their property.

Try a bottle and you will agree, this stuff really works.

.... .ITEM .... .. PRICE
BEAVL-I (2oz.)
BEAVL-II (2oz.)
$10.00 +ship
$10.00 +ship


Hotwood's trapping specialist, Phil Van Bibber, doing beaver control
trapping on the Loup River in Central Nebraska. With Phil's
knowledge of trapping he had no problem trapping these 40 beaver
in 1 run. Any trapper with a little experience and coaching
can have this much success.


Discrete Humane Live Trap

Designed to do what the name implies, be discrete. Our humane live trap will stop
your neighbors and onlookers prying eyes while ridding your property of unwanted pests.

The all aluminum box with 1" holes is the key to keeping pests out of site while enroute or relocation.

Safe for the pest and safe for you.
Demensions 12"w x 12"h x 31"L
Trap is perfect for Woodchuck, Unwanted Cats,
raccoons, opossums and other small pests.
The 1/4" rod door and dependable trigger system
gives this trap years of service.

Our trap has a ring lock door that is the
most positive locking system on the market. The advantage to ring lock doors is when an unwanted animal is captured, just roll the trap on its top,
the ring slides down and the door
opens releasing him.

The discrete humane live trap breaks down for shipping and storage.

..........ITEM ................ PRICE
$89.25 +ship



Heavy Duty Single-Door Cage Trap

Our Heavy Duty Cage Traps offer the ultimate variety in Humane Live Catch Cage Traps today.

These traps feature all steel rod gravity drop doors, bait protected cage mesh, and a
complete internal steel rod frame. All cage trap models are constructed to provide for
exceptional durability with no harm to the animal.

Item #HDT-1112
Cage demensions 30 x 12 x 12
Perfect for trapping Raccoon, Cat, Skunk or Armadillo

Item #HDT-1114
Cage demensions 36 x 15 x 14
Trap sized for trapping Larger Raccoon, Fox or Cat.

..... ..... ITEM ........... ..... .. PRICE
$42.95 +ship
$49.95 +ship



Hotwoods Predator Snare

Our 10' predator snare is just the ticket for managing a predator population, yet livestock friendly.
We have seen the need for a snare that will hold coyotes, but will break-away for livestock and deer.
Our 10' snare is equipped with 110lb. Break Away S-Hook that disconnects with larger game
is caught. It also has a 52lb. kill spring and cam-lock that puts predators down fast.
For easy support, there is a wammey support collar on 1/16"x1x19 cable to make this snare
almost invisible to predators. The Hotwoods Predator Snare is a real asset
to any livestock or wildlife protection program.

Sold in packages of 12.

..... ..... ITEM ........... ..... .. PRICE
CYT-SN (doz.)
$28.00 +ship


Phil standing in front of one of his coolers with over 1,000 pelts waiting to head to market.

Here is Phil finding a successful snare with
a bobcat in central Nebraska.


#9 Wire

Roll has 63' of # 9 soft black wire, weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

These rolls are very convienent to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop.
Easy to handle and store than the old 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of the pickup for years.
Very convienent, easy to handle and store. This is the same # 9 support wire we use in our trapping video.
This wire is what we use to support all of our snares.
The small roll is so handy when working in the terrain most problem animals live in.
Our customers have been asking for this and here it is.

Part Number



$10.00 per roll


Phil near the Loup River in central Nebraska.

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